Master Stylist Robert Parrish

what clients have to say about Robert:

“Robert really knows what he’s doing, and he is such a pleasure to see routinely for my beauty appointment. For the first time in 25 years, I’ve been able to trust a stylist to shape my fine hair from the short hairstyle I’ve always worn to a new, modern bob. When I come out of each appointment I feel pampered, cared for and beautiful… and no one can wipe the smile off my face!” – Priscilla K.

“Shopping on Oak Street, I was stopped in a store by a woman who gasped and told me, “Your hair looks beautiful!” When I happily thanked her and said I was fresh from the salon, she asked for Robert’s information on the spot. What woman wouldn’t want people to ooh and aah over her shiny (and now beautiful) hair?” – Jeanne S.